Automated Sentinel-5P Data Pipeline for Pollution Monitoring

Geoinformatics Center | Asian Institute of Technology | GitHub Repository

To streamline the process of monitoring emissions above Thailand and the surrounding areas, an automatic pipeline to download, process, and visualize Sentinel-5P data is created.

Data: The atmospheric data used in this project is captured by the TROPOMI instrument onboard the Sentinel-5P satellite, part of the European Space Agency's Copernicus program.

The following precursor and greenhouse gases are monitored on a weekly basis:

Workflow: The pipeline consists of three main parts:

  1. Querying and downloading Level 2 Sentinel-5P data
  2. Processing the downloaded Level 2 data into Level 3 data
  3. Temporally-aggregating and visualizing the L3 processed data
These parts are split up into separate Python scripts (,, and and run consecutively to automate the entire process. More detailed information for each script can be found on GitHub.

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